Telehealth – Online Gynaecology Appointments

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Telehealth – Online Gynaecology Appointments

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of information or communication technology to deliver health or medical care from a distance. This means that your consultation with your doctor takes place via phone or video calls such as Skype, Zoom or other video conference programs.

Why Telehealth?

Telehealth has traditionally been adopted in regional Australia to deliver health services to people in rural and remote areas. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to temporary expansion of the telehealth program, allowing all Medicare funded health services to be provided by telehealth where it is safe and clinically appropriate to do so. This aims to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 within the community.

What do you need to have a Telehealth consultation with Dr Kuswanto?


  • A referral from your GP -Medicare rebates will be available for eligible patients
  • Any modern smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop with camera and microphone to allow for video calls
  • An internet connection a reliable fast connection is important
  • A quiet private location when your telehealth consultation occurs

An appointment time will be scheduled as usual and the time allocation will be the same as our face-to-face consultation. A link will then be sent with details on how to access the virtual waiting room for your video call. You do not need to download or sign up to an app to get there. From the virtual waiting room, Dr Kuswanto will then invite you to a virtual meeting room for your video call.

What happens during a Telehealth consultation?

Just like in a traditional face-to-face consultation, a telehealth consultation is a private confidential conversation between a doctor and a patient where symptoms, medical history, investigation and treatment options are discussed. Note taking will be performed just like in a face-to-face consultation.Together, you and your doctor will agree on which options are best for you.

What happens after a Telehealth consultation?

If further testing needs to be done, a request for a pathology or radiology test will be sent to you. If a medication is prescribed, the script can be sent to your local pharmacy. A physical examination is an essential part of medical consultation that cannot be performed during a telehealth consultation. Subsequent face-to-face appointment may be arranged if an examination or a procedure is required.

What are the advantages of Telehealth?


  • Access to specialist medical advice from the comfort of your private space
  • Ease of access through most modern smartphone and laptops with an internet connection
  • Avoids the inconvenience and cost of long-distance travel
  • Shortens physical contact time if subsequent face-to-face consultation occurs for an examination, there by limiting the risk of COVID-19 exposure
  • Most health advice and immediate health needs can be met through telehealth


What are the disadvantages of Telehealth?


  • An examination cannot be performed at the same consultation
  • Less “connectedness” compared to a traditional face-to-face meeting video calls improve this over phone calls
  • Subtle body language may be missed
  • It is not along term substitute for building a good relationship between you and your doctor


Would you like an appointment with Dr Kuswanto?

Please call Dr Kuswantos rooms for an appointment on (03) 9115 9338.

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