Typical Patient Journey


Appointment is required for a consultation with Dr Kuswanto. If you have been referred by your GP or specialist to see Dr Kuswanto, please send us your referral letter prior to your first visit. We need to review the referral to ensure that Dr Kuswanto is the right specialist to treat you. We endeavour to see you as soon as you contact us for an appointment.

Please let us know if you have one of the listed conditions below, we will aim to see you within 1 week.

  • postmenopausal bleeding
  • thickened endometrial lining
  • endometrial hyperplasia
  • severe heavy menstrual bleeding causing anaemia
  • large pelvic mass
  • ovarian cyst causing pain
  • any suspicion of malignancy


Your first visit usually runs for approximately 30 minutes. As part of our COVIDSafe measure, we will do all our initial consultation via video call. Subsequent traditional face-to-face visit may be arranged when essential examination or procedure need to be performed. This will shorten our physical contact time. Thorough history will be obtained and examination will be performed before a tailored management plan is formed. If you had investigations done by your referring doctor such as blood tests, swabs and imaging (such as ultrasound or MRI), please have your results with you. Dr Kuswanto will organise further investigations if required.

A treatment and follow-up plan with Dr Kuswanto will be discussed. Follow-up may be with your referring GP if appropriate. A letter will also be sent to your referring doctor as we value communication as an essential part of treatment plan.


If an operation is recommended, you will be consented for the procedure. Dr Kuswanto has regular operating lists in Epworth Freemason’s Hospital, Epworth Eastern Hospital and St Vincent’s Private Werribee. You may book your operation after your appointment, or contact us with a suitable and available time.

If you have no private health insurance, you may be referred to a gynaecology clinic in a public hospital, usually the one closest to you. Or if you wish to proceed to have the surgery done privately by Dr Kuswanto in a private hospital, we can also provide you with a quote.