We are a private specialist medical practice and we are proud of the quality of service we provide. There are significant expenses associated with providing highly qualified specialist care, and these in turn determine our fees.

Private consultation fees charged receive a rebate from Medicare for Australian residents.

We try to keep our fees and out of pocket expenses within reach to many families with private health insurance. We condemn medical practices which charge exorbitant out of pocket costs. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) issues a list of recommended fees for all operations. Most operations we perform are charged below the AMA rate, whilst very few are charged at the AMA rate.

Patients without private health insurance who are recommended surgery can be referred to a public hospital Gynaecology service, or provided with a written quote for this to be performed in a private hospital.

Fees of surgical services in Australia can be complex and difficult to navigate. We are transparent with our fee structure and will do our best to break this down for you so you understand this before your surgery.

We also encourage you to contact other Gynaecologists so you can compare. You need to feel completely comfortable with the service provided to you. The relationship between you and your doctor should be built on respect, trust and honesty.