What to expect on your day of surgery

what to expect on your day of gynaecological surgery scaled

What to expect on your day of surgery

You will understandably be nervous on the day of your surgery. Please do not hesitate to ask your doctor or the hospital you are having surgery in as many questions as you can. Knowing what to expect on the day of surgery can be helpful. Below is a typical journey you will have on the day of your surgery (if performed at Epworth Freemasons Hospital).

Step 1

  • Clerical admission
  • To check that your contact details are correct
  • Typically 15 minutes


Step 2

  • Nursing admission
  • To check your observations such as blood pressure and review of your health history
  • Typically 30 minutes


Step 3

  • Pre-op wait
  • Change into gown and take a seat
  • Typically 30-60 minutes


Step 4

  • Holding Bay
  • Luggage stored, final toilet break then walk around to holding bay located near operating theatre. Your anaesthetist and surgeon may see you here during this time
  • Typically 30 minutes


Step 5

  • Operation/ Surgical Procedure
  • Time depending on type of procedure



Step 6

  • Recovery
  • Wake-up from the anaesthetic, no family member allowed
  • Typically 30 minutes


Step 7a

  • Short Stay Unit if you are leaving today (Day Procedure)
  • Enjoy a sandwich, get dressed. Family members will be called when you arrive
  • Typically 30-60 minutes

Average total for a day procedure: Typically 4 hours round journey


Step 7b

  • Ward if you are staying overnight


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