Colposcopy and Laser Ablation to Cervix

How is laser ablation of cervix or LLETZ performed?

Laser ablation of cervix and LLETZ are usually done under general anaesthetic as a day procedure in a hospital.

In laser ablation to cervix, a carbon dioxide (CO2) laser beam is used to destroy (vaporize) abnormal cervical tissue that can be seen through a colposcope.

In LLETZ, a thin loop of wire that carries electrical current is used like a scalpel to cut the transformation zone of the cervix (where abnormal cells exist).

What is the potential risk of complications in laser ablation to cervix or LLETZ?

Both procedures are commonly performed and safe. There are potential risks with any surgery, this includes:

  • bleeding
  • infection
  • damage to surrounding organs (vagina, bladder or bowel)

The risk of preterm birth is increased after 2 of these procedures, most women will only have one treatment.

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