GYN Connect 2024 – conference for robotic gynaecological surgeons

Dr Kent Kuswanto Presentation at GYN Connect 2024

GYN Connect 2024 – conference for robotic gynaecological surgeons

GYN Connect 2024

Recently, I received an invitation to participate in the inaugural GYN Connect Australia 2024 in Melbourne, serving on its Scientific Committee. GYN Connect is a full-day gathering convening gynaecological surgeons and leaders in robotic surgery across Australia and New Zealand. This event serves as a platform for the exchange of the latest insights in minimally invasive surgery within an interactive setting, fostering knowledge exchange, discuss advancements and foster collaborations. The primary role of the Scientific Committee is in ensuring the conference program’s quality and relevance. This entails shaping the content and agenda of the conference, including the selection of session topics and speakers, notably the keynote speaker. The committee’s goal is to promote the use of robotic technology in the field of gynaecology in Australia, with the aim of overcoming obstacles related to accessibility and affordability.


Keynote speaker 

The keynote speaker, an inspiring gynaecologist from London, initiated a robotic gynaecology surgery unit in his hospital under the UK’s publicly funded National Health Service, a structure akin to Australia’s public hospital system.

Robotic systems are predominantly housed in Australia’s private hospitals, with only a few public health services possessing such technology, primarily utilized for male-oriented urological surgeries. This stark inequality in access to cutting-edge technology was emphasized.

While the vast majority of men undergo minimally invasive robotic surgeries for prostate issues, women with complex gynaecological conditions like fibroids and endometriosis often receive less advanced procedures, resulting in extended operative durations, increased blood loss, more pain, and prolonged recovery periods. This inequality is complex and has multiple contributing factors.

While robotic technology is already commonplace in American hospitals for gynaecologic surgeries, the prevailing challenge we face is the perceived affordability within Australian public healthcare systems. Although there is an increase in the presence of robots in Australian public hospitals, they are primarily utilized in urology for male patients. It was encouraging that a notable proportion of the conference participants were hospital executives.

This may hopefully contribute to efforts aimed at addressing this inequality, acquiring advanced equipment, and ultimately improving Australian women’s surgical experiences and outcomes.


Speaking at GYN 2024

Dr Kent Kuswanto Presentation at GYN Connect 2024

I was also asked to speak at this conference, sharing my experience with performing hysterectomies in Melbourne, particularly with the assistance of robotic technology. Robotic hysterectomy, similar to other approaches such as vaginal, open, or laparoscopic, constitutes a major surgical procedure with identical procedural steps. However, the incorporation of advanced computing systems allows the robot to support the surgeon in reducing both cognitive load and physical demands during the surgery. This, in turn, enables the surgeon to focus more attention to the intricacies of the specific surgical tasks, such as complex hysterectomies or myomectomies.


dr kent kuswanto presenting at gyn connect 2024, with a slide talking about robotic hysterectomy

During my presentation preparation, I took time to reflect on elements that streamline surgical procedures. I felt privileged to offer women access to state-of-the-art robotic surgical equipment in a hospital committed to technological advancement. Our hospital benefits from a proficient and coordinated team of nursing and theatre staff who work harmoniously, efficiently handling a high volume of cases. This efficiency ultimately means that more women have access to the robotic systems. 


GYN Connect 2024 Australia exceeded our expectations, with an impressive attendance, enlightening presentations, and stimulating discussions. Moving forward, we are dedicated to expanding upon the achievements of this conference and advancing our shared goal of enhancing health outcomes for women. Our mission is to ensure Australian women have access to the most advanced medical technology in the world. 

gyn 2024 conference for robotic gynaecological surgeons crowd

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