Choosing a Gynaecologist

choosing a gynaecologist in Melbourne

Choosing a Gynaecologist

On a rare week off in between lockdowns, I found myself in an antique shop where I stumbled across a copy of Woman’s Day magazine from 1979 containing a special section on ‘Choosing a Gynaecologist’. Reading through the article, I realised that while technology and medicine have advanced tremendously in the last four decades, not much has changed in the basic principles of finding a suitable gynaecologist, or any doctor for that matter.

The choice of a gynaecologist will be an individual one and is often based on several factors – GP recommendations, advice from friends and family, location, and in modern times, internet-based research. Ultimately, it will be a personal choice and for a successful professional relationship, issues of personality, trust, experience and professionalism will be foremost. Women in Australia can be confident that specialists who hold the FRANZCOG qualification are suitably trained and credentialed to provide the highest quality specialist service.

Finding a gynaecologist that is suitable for your needs is a personal choice. A good rapport with your doctor is crucial, as having open and honest communication about your personal health with your gynaecologist is essential in fully assessing your gynaecological issues. The best treatment plan arises when options are discussed thoroughly and tailored to your individual needs based on your unique circumstances. This should be discussed in simple and easy to understand language.

Most people have a doctor they trust, this is usually their family doctor or GP. When they have a gynaecological condition that is not improving with simple measures, and if they need surgery, they are referred to a specialist gynaecologist. In the field of gynaecology, there is a broad variation in conditions that affect women. Depending on the type and volume of work a gynaecologist performs, their interests and training, it is common for different gynaecologists to become more experienced in certain conditions over others. So, while all gynaecologists maintain the basic skills and knowledge to start investigating and treating gynaecological conditions, they may not specialise in the condition that you have. This discrepancy is often not easily apparent to your GP, family and friends, or online reviews.

Many patients are reluctant to challenge their doctor’s recommendation as they believe their doctor is up to date with the latest medical and surgical advancement, but this is not always the case.

It is important to obtain as much information as possible so you can make an informed choice about your health. Be honest and open minded, and learn how to talk to your doctor, ask questions and make informed decisions. Ask for a second opinion if this will make you more confident in your decision making. Health care is based on open communication, transparency and trust. Even if the same treatment is recommended by two or sometimes more specialists, it is important to proceed with the one you trust and feel most comfortable with.

Dr Kent Kuswanto is a specialist gynaecologist specialising in women’s health issues, practising in Melbourne, Australia. Kent sees his private patients in Epworth Freemasons Private Hospital in East Melbourne. He also consults in Box Hill and Werribee.

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